Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Other blogs and webpages on statelessness

See also the European Union's project on statelessness blog: http://www.statelessness.eu/blog 

 For a more personal perspective, check out the blog of Mikhail Sebastian, a stateless man from the former USSR living in the United States. http://mikhailsebastian.tumblr.com/ 

 Below is a website dedicated to the Rohingya, a stateless population in Burma: http://www.thestateless.com/ 

 Here is the blog of the "Citizens of Nowhere" project which seeks to raise awareness about statelessness worldwide: http://citizensofnowhere.net/?category_name=uncategorized 

 Check out the webpage for "Nowhere Island", an art project to raise awareness about citizenship and national identity: http://nowhereisland.org/

One of the best blogs on displacement in general is: http://fm-cab.blogspot.com/


  1. See also Greg Constantine's webpage with photographs of stateless people from around the world: http://www.gregconstantine.com/index.htm

    1. And also at: http://www.nowherepeople.org/

  2. Also check out the International Observatory on Statelessness at:

    The observatory gathers research on statelessness worldwide and promotes birth registration.

  3. http://www.ozy.com/acumen/the-state-of-statelessness/4902.article

    Above is a good summary article on statelessness