Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Nationality and Statelessness Monthly Roundup: July 2017

Starting this month, I am beginning a monthly roundup of news about nationality, citizenship and statelessness. Here are a few articles from around the world this month:

In the UK, the debate over EU citizenship rages on, with the government's approach coming under scathing criticism, with accusations flying that the proposal would amount to creating a class of "second class" citizens within Britain.

West Africa has become the first region of the world to adopt a "plan of action" to end statelessness.

The media in Malaysia continues its excellent coverage of statelessness in that country.

More on the court case in the US on behalf of former Japanese citizens in Taiwan who were stripped of their citizenship by the Chinese government. The case continues to be dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.

The Free Movement blog has an interesting discussion of a case to determine whether an unregistered child whose parents never sought Indian citizenship for her can be considered "stateless" under UK law such that she is entitled to UK citizenship.

The Kenyan press continues to document the experiences of the Makonde community recently granted Kenyan citizenship after decades of statelessness.